Jennifer Prophet

photographer, content creator, visual storyteller

Local to Washington, DC, I am an artist, who specializes in food, lifestyle and travel photography

I was raised in a family of artists who nurtured a

nd encouraged my creativity. My love affair with photography began as a young girl. My grandfather would give me his old National Geographic Magazines and I would spend hours in awe, admiring the images of diverse landscapes, people and cultures from around the world. It was then that I realized everyone and every place has a story worth telling. I bought my first camera when I was sixteen and never looked back.

I approach photography with a strong artistic vision and use my design and art direction background to maximize the aesthetics of composition, color and light in my photos. I aim to tell a story through resplendent and authentic imagery. I am inspired by light, décor, mother nature, and faraway places. My work can bring out the most candid of emotions; the boldest spirits; the striking elegance of a pose. It hints at vintage, but with a vibrant perspective of today. Capturing the world through my lenses and sharing its beauty is what makes me the happiest. Everyone, everything, and every place has a story to tell and it’s my joy to tell that story through my photos.



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